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All our services are aimed at providing you with more new patients at a lower cost per lead and higher profit margins than ever before. We specialize in finding potential customers looking for cosmetic medical services on the Internet, driving them to your site and getting them to contact you for an appointment.

Keyword Development :

It’s essential to know what words people are using to search for the services you offer. If you’re a dentist, how many times do people search for BriteSmile versus Tooth Whitening versus Zoom Whitening? If you’re a plastic surgeon, how many people search for “breast augmentation philadelphia” or “nose surgery sacramento”. What other terms would yield a similarly focused audience? We have access to real data from the search engines that tells us what historical searches have been made and, more importantly, we have real data from real campaigns that we’re running for your medical colleagues that tells us not just what keywords people are searching on but which keywords are more likely to end up in contact from a prospective patient. We use this data to develop your perfect keyword list.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising :

The main way our clients get in front of their target audience is by getting their ad to appear on Page 1 of the search engine results. We guarantee your presence on page 1 of the search engines for between 1000 and 5000 different keyword searches. Yahoo!, MSN and Google control the main Pay-Per-Click systems and all of them require expert knowledge so that ad copy, bids, keywords and localization can be optimized.

Bid Management :

Bid management within Pay-Per-Click engines is an art form best performed by either a statistics genius who never sleeps or a smart piece of software. We choose the software route. Our software saves our clients about 50% of their budget over time as it moderates bids for keywords based on cost per lead variables that we predetermine with you.

Copywriting :

Once your ad gets ‘clicked’ and searchers visit your site, it’s vitally important that your site convert these visitors into leads as efficiently as possible. Copy is written and re-written until it reflects the value of your services and presents your practice in the best possible light. Well-written, descriptive copy is one of the most valuable asset your site can have.

Website Development :

If you don’t have a website, we’ll build one for you. If you have one already, we’ll build another one for you anyway that sells 10 times better. And we’ll keep optimizing your site so that it sells you and generates the most leads possible. We bring to the table our real experience of building medical websites that generate calls from new patients on a daily basis.

Landing Page Optimization :

The page that a visitor lands on is the single most important page on your website. Visitors will make split-second decisions over whether they stay and read this page or exit immediately. We test and re-test landing pages until we have the best possible combination of promotional offer, headline, copy and design.

Email & Phone Call Tracking :

Our reporting system is a unique aspect of our company. It tracks incoming calls and emails and is available online 24/7/365. You’ll actually see the calls and emails live as they come into your office so you know we’re working for you on a daily basis.

Monthly Marketing ROI Analysis :

We pride ourselves on being able to create measurable campaigns. Every one of our clients is able to say what they spent on a campaign and how many leads that campaign generated. Some of our more sophisticated clients can even track the lifetime value of all the new customers they gained and measure that incremental revenue against their campaign costs monthly or annually.

The above services are mixed and matched according to the particular doctor’s office that we’re working with. Each one is slightly different in terms of their needs. Please call us to discuss a combination that fits your practice and budget on 1-(866)-659-0004