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Who We Are

WebMarketingForDoctors is a company with a mission:

To demonstrate the power of Web marketing expertise to increase leads and sales for Doctors at a lower cost than any other medium. (Some would say we’ve already achieved this – listen to what our clients have to say).

WebMarketingForDoctors will strive to do this by:

1. Producing actual marketing profitability data for every project we run. Lord Leverhulme, founder of the Unilever soap conglomerate, once famously said: “Half of my marketing budget is wasted; but I don’t know which half”. Advertising agencies love this story because it supports a business model that’s based on results being unmeasurable and the client not knowing which part of their budget they could be saving – the client therefore continues to spend the same amount year after year. Our business model says, if our clients know what’s working, they’ll spend more money year after year anyway and we’ll all have to spend much less time trying to make our marketing efforts look like they’re meaningful.

2. Being scrupulously honest with our Clients (even if this is to our own short-term detriment – long-term everyone benefits from an honesty policy). For instance, we will never charge Clients for work by the hour as this amounts to an incentive to work slowly and forces the Client to accept any overage in hours. We’ve never understood why other companies we’ve worked for did things this way and now that we hold the keys to the front door, we’ve decided to have clients pay us for making them successful instead of just doing a bunch of stuff that may or may not work.

3. Taking responsibility for the quality of our work. We don’t expect Clients to pay for marketing that doesn’t work or for results that they can’t measure. So, because we want to get paid, we measure everything and work our tail off to make sure those results are great month after month.

4. Using only the best creative and strategic talent (we won’t take a project that falls outside our skill set because we only want to be associated with excellence). This is why we are focussed on Internet-based marketing – we can do classic offline marketing but we are experts in Web marketing and analyzing return on marketing investment.

5. Instilling humility among our hyper-talented workforce that they can learn from every project, every situation and every Client. You know your business better than anyone, so we listen when you see an opportunity and we encourage you to help us help you.