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Web Marketing For Doctors

WebMarketingForDoctors is a company with a mission:

To demonstrate the power of Web marketing expertise to increase leads and sales for Doctors at a lower cost than any other medium. (Some would say we’ve already achieved this – listen to what our clients have to say).

What We Do

What Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Dentists Need – New Patients Every Month At The Lowest Possible Cost Per New Patient

We Get New Patients To Call Your Practice

Simply put, we turn web traffic into new patients at a significantly lower cost per new patient than any other advertising medium we know.

On average, our cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic dentist clients spend about $150 in marketing to get each new patient. This new patient brings in an average of $2000 of short-term procedural revenue. Would you pay $150 for a new patient like that? If the answer is yes, please call us for a customized report on the new patient potential of the Internet for your practice.

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How We Do It

By Mastering The Complex Tasks That Scare Most Doctors Away From Internet Marketing

Multiple, Interconnecting Skillsets Are Required To Ensure Searchers Become Visitors and Visitors Become New Patients.

We take the complexity out of local Internet advertising by handling every phase of your campaign. Our marketing expertise and innovative technologies help you:

• Select the right keywords
• Define your local audience
• Develop your online ads
• Ensure placement of your ad for all keywords
• Recommend the best search sites
• Allocate and manage your budget
• Optimize your media buys and bids across all engines
• Ensure proper geo-targeting of patients
• Track campaign performance, billing and budgets
• Develop/Improve your website to increase conversion
• Monitor and track incoming calls/emails
• Provide detailed reports on campaign effectiveness
• Continually optimize campaign

Find out why so many services are essential for a successful marketing campaign.

How Well We Do It

What Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Dentists Need – New Patients Every Month At The Lowest Possible Cost Per New Patient

“In our first 3 months, Web Marketing For Doctors brought us new business worth more than $40,000. That’s more than 10 times what we spent on the campaign.”
— Cosmetic Dentist, Boston, MA

“We made a return on our marketing investment in month 1. It’s been by far the best business decision I’ve made in a few years. We’ve doubled our profit since starting just 4 months ago.”
— Cosmetic Surgeon, Long Island, NY

The best reason to choose us is because our existing clients continue to profit month after month.

Find out about the specific successes we’ve had including profitability figures from our current clients.